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Core B: Instrumentation


The Synthesis Core provides expertise and instruments for performing solution- and solid-phase chemistry and compound management. The major equipment located in the Synthesis Core, which is available to all Center participants, includes: 
(1) the Vapourtec R series Flow Chemistry system
(2) the Chemspeed Accelerator SLT 100 for automated chemical synthesis
(3) the MT Autochem MiniBlock, MiniBlock XT, MiniBlock XT Plus, Radley’s Greenhouse, IRORI Kan system, and Argonaut Quest 205 and 210 Synthesizers for serial/parallel/semi-automated/manual solution- and solid-phase synthesis
(4) the Teledyne-Isco Combiflash Rf Systems
(5) the Genevac EZ-2 Plus and Genevac DD-4 for parallel solvent evaporation
(6) the VirTis AdVantage Freeze Dryer for batch freeze drying
(7) the MT AutoChem ALLEXis for automated liquid-liquid extraction
(8) the Syrris Africa automated flow chemistry system with inline analysis capabilities via a Waters UPLC/MS
(9) the Innovative Technology System One Glovebox





Vapourtec R series Flow Chemistry system


The new ​Vapourtec R series Flow Chemistry system is outfitted with 4 total pump channels, an autosampler/fraction collector and the first ever integral touch screen interface for the Flow Commander software. This flow chemistry system is an innovative new platform permitting chemists to rapidly develop flow synthesis techniques and achieve a high level of productivity. With a novel new micro-reactor design plus unique flow and temperature control technologies, it offers users the precision that is essential for effective reaction optimization and rapid scale-up.







Automated Chemical Synthesis: Chemspeed SLT 100

The Chemspeed Accelerator SLT100 performs fully-automated liquid- and solid-handling, reaction agitation/heating/cooling, liquid-liquid extraction, solid-phase extraction, and solvent evaporation





Parallel Synthesis: MiniBlock SPE and MiniBlock XT

Dr. Kelin Li employs the MiniBlock for solution-phase synthesis using solid-phase reagents and scavengers to facilitate the synthesis of libraries of dihydrocoumarin and coumarin compounds.


Flash Chromatography: ISCO CombiFlash Rf

Two Combiflash Rf Flash purification units sit side by side in a fume hood.


Parallel Solvent Evaporation: Genevac HT-12, EZ-2 Plus, and DD-4

Genevac parallel evaporation equipment is used to remove solvent from compounds submitted to the Analysis, Purification and Compound Management labs.

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Batch Freeze Drying: VirTis AdVantage Freeze Dryer

Dr. Thomas Coombs uses the VirTis AdVantage Freeze Dryer to prepare his compound samples for submission to biological partners.


Liquid-Liquid Extraction: MT AutoChem ALLEXis

Dr. Erik Fenster uses the MT AutoChem ALLEXis to perform automated liquid-liquid extractions.


Syrris Africa coupled with a Waters UPLC/MS

The Syrris Africa flow chemistry platform is seen coupled to a Waters UPLC/MS. This allows for continuous reaction monitoring via both UV and MS.


Environment Control: Innovative Technology System One Glovebox

Dr. Kelin Li uses the Innovative Technology System One Glovebox to weigh an air-sensitive reaction catalyst.


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